a pro-animal theory and anti-speciesist study group

“Radical Companionship is a developing theory for evolving our relationships with others through an anti-speciesist, utopian lens.[…]

The ideas behind Radical Companionship generally focus on human-nonhuman relationships, particularly those we share with “companion animals”, or as I say in this essay animals colonised into pethood. I have decided to focus on animals colonised into pethood since they are often sharing the same space as humans, and for this reason a particularly interesting dynamic exists between the human and the ‘pet’, a dynamic I feel is often dismissed when discussing animal rights or animal liberation.[…]

At a basic level, Radical Companionship is a way of creating thoughtful interspecies relationships in a way that evokes liberation-oriented principles. Radical Companionship is flexible – and to an extent vague – so there is lots of space for growth and additional thought. This theory is a refusal of the binary dualism between humans and nonhumans. I wish to embrace the chaos of multispecies anarchy.”

Radical Companionship: Rejecting Pethood & Embracing Our Multispecies World by Aiyana Goodfellow