Rad Com is an anti-speciesist study group to collectively discuss and explore the Radical Companionship theory as well as many related topics. We use journaling questions, resource sharing, conversation and much more to investigate our interpersonal relationships with nonhuman animals.

​Rad Com Ground Rules:


be safe

this is a group mainly for discussing theory, however if you need to talk about anything sensitive, do so on a secure platform or (even better!) offline. Safety also includes considering the well-being of everyone else who is part of this project. Please use the relevant content warnings at all times.


be an active participant

all of us are active participants in this project which means we engage with the ideas, discussions, read the texts, watch the videos and support the mutual aid group. The RadCom group is a collective effort to learn from and with each other. 


be kind

obviously oppressive behaviour will not be tolerated. Please be mindful of the privileges you hold and speaking over humans on their own marginalisation. Do not judge people for the way they communicate, their grammar/spelling etc. This is white colonialist and ableist behaviour, as well as a form of policing. We are all human which means we are all socialised into human supremacy – let’s do our best to unlearn this together.