Animal Caregivers Mutual Aid is a mini-project that invests in nonhuman animals, their futures, and environments.

How It Works

Each month, we publish our newsletter which includes a section for sharing mutual aid requests and offers. This is open to ‘animal caregivers’ – those directly caring for and protecting nonhuman animals. If you would like your mutual aid request or offer featured next month, contact us with the relevant details.

We cannot garuntee requests will be fulfilled nor offers be claimed. We are not an emergency mutual aid group and may not have the capacity to help if you need something urgently.


[include but are not limited to]

  • animal healthcare bills

  • food

  • bedding and housing

  • time

    i.e. if someone can look after, walk, feed an animal in your care

  • travel

    e.g., for healthcare or adoption

  • post-rescue funds

  • direct action equiptment

  • animal rights related legal funds

  • books and writings

  • emotional support

  • and much more