Radical Companionship: Rejecting Pethood and Embracing Our Multispecies World is an upcoming theory book by Aiyana Goodfellow, a young Black, queer, neurodivergent anti-speciesist writer and theorist.

The RCP's current and future radical schemes are greatly inspired by the upcoming book.

The book focuses on the idea of pethood as well as the four roots of the radical companionship praxis — affirming animals, respect and relationships, consent and communication and animal futurism. The words and phrases Animal Futurism, animal accomplices, animals colonised into pethood and radical companionship are all coined by Aiyana and expanded on in the book.

You can connect with @aiyana.goodfellow on Instagram or learn more about their work through their website.


“It genuinely wasn’t what I expected. Was not ready for it to hit so hard.. it made really strong points, and changed the way I cohabitate with my cat.. and the way I view animals in general (beyond just being vegan). 10/10 🔥, lending it to my partner to read next. 🙌” Andrew Boyer
“With tremendous enthusiasm, I recommend this book by Aiyana…I won’t have enough space to elaborate on every reason I find this book valuable. But do highly consider grabbing a copy for yourself (and someone else) if you too want to continue acquiring constructive knowledge en route to total liberation. If you follow along and engage with the work of liberation advocates who emphasize the importance of ✨reimaging✨ and building new paradigms, it’s not often that you come across explicit offerings of what those frameworks would look like in practice. But here, Aiyana has incorporated critical thinking/theory along with actionable initiatives, and in large measure, pioneering the depths of discourse surrounding ‘animals colonised into pethood’. […] 
Case in point, their reworking of the definition of anti-speciesism: “Actively rejecting the ideology of human supremacy, the interpersonal violence of ownership-based human-to-animal relationships, and the institutional, deliberate colonisation, degradation and exploitation of nonhuman animals.” Like, ok. Yes, Aiyana. And fuck. […] 
This book works at challenging and dismantling our biases surrounding domesticated nonhumans, encourages critical thinking, illuminates less obvious ways we fail at respecting nonhuman animal autonomy, and guides us to take accountability.” Yvette – Total Liberationist Social Critic
“This book blew my mind. I could not put it down, and it made my brain buzz with excitement and possibilities. 10/10” Kirsty Alger – Author of Five Essays for Freedom